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            Pride Legal is a network of attorneys serving the LGBT community in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We match people in need of legal help with experienced lawyers in their local area. We are especially aware of the unique needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intergender communities.

            Whether you have been seriously injured in an accident, facing criminal charges, going through a divorce, are in severe debt, want a will or living trust, or need ANY legal advice, we can help you! We are the #1 network of independent attorneys for the LGBT and all communities.

            You deserve a skilled, fearless, and relentless lawyer! Pride Legals network of independent attorneys practice law in virtually all areas. This includes fields of law such as labor law, family law, personal injury law, immigration law, and criminal defense. To protect your rights, hire someone who understands them.

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            Divorce/Family Law

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            Immigration Law

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            Personal Injury

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            Criminal Defense

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            Business Law

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            Law at Your Command

            At Pride Legal, our gay-friendly lawyers believe members of the LGBT community must be well-informed of the U.S. legal system, especially when they need to resolve a legal matter. Before choosing an attorney to represent your interests, we encourage you to explore our vast Areas of Law, which clearly provides information about Californias complex legal system in a way you can understand.

            Gathering as much information possible is critical in resolving your particular legal issue. You can search our site to find important information about many of the various legal problems members of our community face on a regular basis. Armed with the proper information, we are confident you will make better decisions about your future.

            Finding the Right Lawyer

            It can be difficult to find the right lawyer, especially at a time when you urgently need one and dont know where to turn. Pride Legal matches you with an LGBT friendly lawyer that fits your particular case. We are especially attuned to the unique needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and inter-gender communities.

            Pride Legals LGBT lawyers have expertise in virtually all legal issues, and have special expertise in such legal areas as discrimination, workplace harassment, same-sex family law, domestic partnerships, adoption, immigration, criminal law, and personal injury. To protect your rights, hire someone who understands them.

            Skilled Representation

            The legal professionals listed with Pride Legal are highly skilled gay and gay-friendly attorneys. All of our member attorneys are pre-screened, insured, and members in good-standing of the California Bar Association.

            As members and supporters of the LGBT community, they understand the unique difficulties that you face and they are committed to help you through your legal matter. We cater to all communities in and around San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.


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